Creating a succesful counseling or coaching private practice is just like this bike ride...

I've created the 6-Figure Practice for compassionate and skillful helpers (counselors, coaches, consultants) who want to both serve their clients and have a business that not only covers all of their expenses but also allows them to live a comfortable lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a clear, step-by-step road map for becoming a thriving private practice therapist or a coach, if you'd like to learn and apply EVERYTHING you need to know about marketing for therapists and life coach marketing, you're at the right place! 

Read the following horror story at your own risk...

Let me tell you about Kelly. She graduated from a wonderful master’s counseling program, with amazing counseling skills, motivated to help others to live a better life. She also ended up $100,000 in student debt.

For half a year she spent her days applying for counseling jobs but as a recent graduate, she was competing with not just hundreds of other graduates, but also with hundreds of experienced therapists.

After half a year of this uphill battle, she gave up and went working in a grocery store.

I’ll be honest.

This makes me furious and brakes my heart. When I gently probed Kelly about going solo, becoming a private practice therapist, and building her own private practice, Kelly said she was scared and not ready.

I get it. Kelly was never taught business skills. She didn't know anything about marketing for therapists. The option of going into private practice wasn’t even mentioned once in her counseling program or at the many counseling trainings she took.

The counseling program and the trainings taught her how to be a better therapist but not how to find clients she could help.

She was never empowered to curve her own path building her business, to choose the clients she wanted to work with, to make a good living, instead of waiting for some future employer to give her permission to do the work she knew how to do well, while paying her five times less than she would earn doing the same work on her own.

After 2 years of changing jobs she hated, Kelly took a leap of faith. She shared that today, she wakes up excited every day to work with clients she wants to work with, and she’s being paid well to do so because she changes lives and her clients get it.

By the way, if you think I didn’t have my own challenges, think again. I know exactly how it feels.

This is why I created this program. I know, it is scary to have your own business. It does require time and effort to build it. Learning and applying the different strategies marketing for therapists and life coach marketing takes time and effort.

But guess what... When you have the right instructions and when you're strting seeing real results, it can actually become fun and exciting!

This is why I am here: so that other counselors and coaches just like you would have a clear road map to build a successful business, for you own sake and for the sake of the clients that deserve to work with you! .

Whether you're a seasoned private practice therapist or a coach without a predictable marketing system, or you're just starting out, you and your clients deserve the success of your private practice! 

The 6-Figure Practice method gives you a complete and proven system:

marketing for therapists life coach marketing private practice therapist
Be Found 
marketing for therapists life coach marketing private practice therapist
Attract and Connect
marketing for therapists life coach marketing private practice therapist
Turn Into a New Client

The 6-figure practice method will predictably help you:

1. BE FOUND online by your perfect clients

2. ATTRACT AND CONNECT WITH THEM via authentic online and offline marketing

3. When a potential client reaches out TURN THEM INTO A NEW CLIENT during your communication

When you'll implement the 6 Figure Practice method with these three components you will have everything you need create a massive growth in your private practice, no matter if you're just starting out or want to grow further in the six figures. 

Do not let the simplicity of this system to mislead you;

This program is the most comprehensive that I've seen anywhere. It contains all the information and all of the elements to support you in every way possible: 9 weekly recorded video modules packed with theory and step-by-step tutorials, 9 weekly tasks lists to implement a clear step by step plan to building your business, 9 workbooks, monthly live video call office hours for a year in the self pace program (or bi-weekly calls with a small cohort of up to 6 people in the mastermind), an online community, disclosures and contracts templates, and a dedicated support team. 

You got this. You are a caring and professionally trained counselor, coach, or consultant.

When you’re with a client, you know you’re helping.

You’ve decided to embark on the often challenging journey of helping others. It requires your emotional resources, time, training, money to invest in that training, and a lot of personal growth.

Then you took even a bigger step - opened your own business.


That took some courage.

I know that you haven't decided to become a counselor or a coach in order to become rich. What drives you is your desire to help others. That's what drives me too.

So if helping is what really drives us, why is this program called The 6-Figure Practice?

The goal is not to change your focus from serving clients to earning more than $100,000 a year.

This program is absolutely about being in real caring service to clients, AND financially thriving yourself!

I believe that you should strive to be the best counselor/coach you can be, AND must run your business as a business, not as a hobby. 

My mission is to help you build a successful private practice so that you could

  • have a constant predictable stream of clients you can actually serve
  • charge enough to support yourself and your loved ones
  • cover all your business expenses
  • afford to invest further in growing your skills
  • afford to do some pro-bono work if that’s what you want
  • get out of the anxious rat-race of living from a paycheck to a paycheck

Yearly revenue of at least $100,00 in your business, is a good benchmark that symbolizes that all of the above became reality.

A 6-figure is my 25 years mission - to help 100,000 counselors, coaches, and consultants to create a successful business where they help their clients to thrive WHILE they’re thriving themselves.

Your clients deserve to find you and start working with you. But if you have a private practice, you can’t serve anyone if you don’t have a marketing system in place. That’s what this program is all about - helping you create that in a simple, step-by-step guided way. It’s about providing you ALL the necessary business and marketing information you need to grow and run a thriving business that you probably didn’t get in your professional training AND help you begin implementing it in real life TODAY!

To your succes,

Sasha Raskin

Founder, The 6-Figure Practice

Below you'll find resources and programs to help you with building your successful business

The 6 Figure Practice Program is a 9-week online program designed to give you everything you need to build a thriving coaching/psychotherapy practice so you could have an abundance of your perfect clients, and a system to maintain that for as long as you want! 

The program includes 9 weekly video modules9 weekly projects, and a year-long access to monthly office hours video call with Sasha. 

marketing for therapists life coach marketing private practice therapist

Free 22-Minutes Video Crash Course with Sasha Raskin, that will explain in 22 minutes The Hunter-Farmer Framework™: This short course will organize for you the whole system of marketing your private practice, including what to focus on right now to create clients! Not only that, it will give one free immediate marketing startegy you could use right away to create at least one client during the next month or two.

The 6 Figure Practice method is about real measurable results!

Below are 6 Case Studies of Our Programs' Participants

  1. I started and finished the web design of my website in 8 hours.
  2.  I decided to change my career completely and picked a coaching program within a week, after a long time of overthinking things.
  3. A 100% of the potential clients I talked with started working with me, after consultations I did using the script and the methods I learned in the program.
  4.  It took me under 3 hours to create my first blog post having English as a third language and having no writing experience at all.

But the most significant change for me was intangible: my self-perception completely transformed.

– Dennis Guyvan, a graduate of  the program

– Evan Correy, a graduate of the program

Sasha Raskin is an amazing coach. He helped me get my small business off the ground and expand in ways I could never have done on my own in that amount of time. He provided me with the tools to challenge outdated limiting beliefs I had about myself & gave me very concrete guidance in expanding my business. Thank you so much Sasha, I could never have done this without you 🙏

– Sophia O'Connor, a graduate of the program

  1. I moved from graduate student to professional psychotherapist with a private practice, and legal and organizational matters handled (like Simple Practice)
  2. I built a website I am proud of, and I now understand the marketing journey, I have a good metaphor for it (hunter-gatherer/farmer/barter) and I can launch a googleads campaign
  3. Went from 0 to 9 clients in my first year of private practice, along with getting married, buying a house, moving and having a baby and another part time job
  4. I currently have 17 5stars Google reviews that feel authentic

– Fabio Fina, a graduate of the program 

– Juana Rincon, a graduate of the program

I loved the bonus course about using the calendar and organizing things. I also happy that now I have that check list of what to do to organize my practice in a smart way. I have done part of it, what’s possible and necessary In Russia. Excited to start applying the marketing tools from the second week 🙂

By the way, your advice to post on the FB that I’m looking for clients with a particular request worked out 🙂 One existing client bought a course of 3 trainings to relief the shoulder ache 🙂 

The funny thing about all that is this: Nothing is rocket science and I kinda knew or heard about many things, but never applied them persistently. I needed to enroll on your course, make a decision, pay money and only then started to improve my business. It’s fun how the mind works 🙂

Thank you much for your work, Sasha! I appreciate the combination of practicality and humane attitude in your courses. And the first results appeared already 🙂

– Max Podolskhiya participant in the program (2 weeks in the program)

Become a Thriving Coach or Counselor

Serve the clients you were meant to serve while also thriving yourself! 

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